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This blog expresses what I live for, what I desire, and what I truly hope to be one day.

And I adore Michael Jackson with all my heart.


Michael Jackson looking slightly bored during a press conference

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 Michael in Russia 

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BAD~August 31, 1987

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In The Closet - Live Munich 1997

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He is my rainbow. He is my sunshine. He is my idol, my hero, my life

He saved me,

and for that I am forever grateful that he once existed.

I love you. Happy 56th.

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Though Michael Jackson and his father, Joseph Jackson, had an infamous and very strained relationship they could often be seen holding hands as they arrived daily to attend Michael’s trial in 2005.

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Picture taken from a live performance in The Netherlands “De Sonja’s Goed Nieuws Show” in 1979, this was for the opening of “Miranda Bad” in Amsterdam.

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Color Porn | Various MJ Photoshoots

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